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Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike

Cruise Carbon

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Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike

Light and universal trike

NIRVANA PARAMOTORS present the new CRUISE CARBON chassis. We have utilized our long term experience of the original CRUISE type and improved it. We have used new, stronger and lighter materials, added excellent radial wheels that make the trike look more attractive than ever before.

The well planned method of axle suspension absorbs the majority of hard landings. The soft suspension of the glider enables the trike to fly in the same way as the paramotor. You can decide whether to fly by trike or paramotor, according to the conditions and the terrain. The variability gives you the choice.

Free suspension of the seat

The new design enables the pilot to sit in the seat suspended above the chassis. In reality this means that the seat base never touches the trike frame, even in the event of a hard landing. In this way, the pilot’s spine is passively protected in an above standard manner. The actual fitting of the pilot seat is highly unique. The free suspension makes flying and landing very safe.

Getting on is easy

The side struts enable you to get into the seat comfortably. They open up when you get in and close as soon as you are in the flight position. To get into the harness is very easy.

Automatic starter (for Cruise Carbon Rodeo trike)

• Takes off with minimum effort

• Simple installation for trikes and gliders

• Universally applicable for any type of glider

• Easy to assemble and disassemble

• NO NEED FOR TOOLS for assembly or disassembly of trikes. All parts are connected using a fast acting coupling with safety pin.

Special rear axle suspension

High level of passive safety! All potential shocks are primarily dampened by the chassis frame itself.

Unique glider suspension

The glider chute is directly attached to the seat, the same as for free flying. The pilot has the glider under full control and the chute cords are protected from excessive wear and tear due to motor vibration. The vibrations are distributed into the harness and the cords are minimally affected.

Zero torque from the propeller

The side struts eliminate the torque from the propeller. Navigating the trike is therefore comfortable.

Three positions for attaching the rescue chute

The container for the rescue chute can be placed on the side, front or underneath the seat. This is due to the free suspension of the seat, which provides plenty of room in all directions.

Transport bag

This cleverly thought out bag enables to transport the folded trike in one bag; the front wheel on the chassis serves as an auxiliary supporting mechanism for handling the folded chassis. NO TOOLS REQUIRED!
Maximum Load   175 kg  
Body   Laminated shell  
Colour   Orange  
Back Axles   Carbon sandwich  
Central Axle Tube   Aluminium, carbon  
Frame   Stainless steel  
Wheels   Aluminium, spoke  
Joints   Quickjoints with locks  
Brake   Drum, integrated into front wheel



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Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike

Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike

Sell New Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike